Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to walk to work?

​Fort Meade offers a commuter bus route through post.

Am I able to use the commissary?

​The commissary is available for all of our active members, and military retiree’s. We will issue a resident ID card to anyone that is not active duty or a retiree that lives with us so you may use the PX shopping. 

Can I upgrade my cable/internet package?

​Of course, anything over the flat rate you become responsible for.

How does parking work?

​We issue a parking permit for your vehicle and a guest tag for your visitor.

I have received orders to Fort Meade. When can I apply for on-post housing?

Service members are eligible to apply for on-post housing once they have received orders to Fort Meade.

Do I qualify to live on post?

​All Active-Duty Ranks, Federal Civilian Employees, DOD Contractors, Retirees and anyone with base access is eligible to move on post. Income requirements per home/price and background credit checks for DOD/Civilians/Retirees.

How do you pick my roommate?

​Prospect will fill out a questionnaire. We pair based off Rank/Sex/Civilian.

What is included in the rent?

Water and Electric included in base rent. Cable, internet and trash additional flat rate a month.

How do I submit an online application?

An online application can be submitted directly through our website. Please note that your online housing application will be reviewed by our relocation staff and placed in a pending arrival status. You will be contacted by a member of our dedicated team of relocation specialists regarding your application status. They will assist you in completing housing eligibility requirements and supporting documents to ensure that your family experiences the improved quality of life being provided at Fort Meade.

Do you go over the BAH or cap out at full BAH?

​We cap out at full BAH. We do not go over.

What furniture is included?

​Kitchen: 2 barstools. Living room: couch, end table, coffee table, entertainment stand. Bedroom: Built in desk. 

Do I have to use the furniture provided?

All furniture provided must remain in the unit, however you may bring additional pieces as necessary. 

Has the home been sanitized?

All homes have been professionally cleaned.

Do you allow pets?

​yes, if you are renting a whole unit (1 bedroom den/ Full 2 Bedroom). Breed restrictions do apply.  There is a $200 pet deposit & $200 fee per pet.

Where do I stay while I wait for housing? Is there temporary housing?

Temporary lodging is available through IHO Candlewood suite, and is contingent on space availability. Corvias Property Management does not provide temporary housing for service members waiting to be placed in on-post housing. You can also check with the RCI office at 301-677-7748.

How can I check my current position on the waitlist?

Please contact the leasing office to check your position on the wait list.